About Us

Bridge Across Nations Mandarin is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing Mandarin Chinese to students of all ages in a fun and engaging manner. New learners will learn to listen, speak, read & write in a student-centered environment using games and group activities–all designed to assist learners find their own voice in this ever more important language on the world stage. Simple dialogues form the basis of study. These enable students to understand and respond in the affirmative, interrogative and negative sentence forms in grammatically correct structures. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by setting class objectives and monitoring same.

All learning styles are incorporated in the lessons–oral, aural, visual and kinetic–thereby capitalizing of each learner’s strengths. Learning Mandarin Chinese enhances the learner’s sense of identity in developing a talent not common among peers. And we strive for a learning environment that is fun, creative and solidly progressive. In this way, Bridge Across Nations Mandarin will indeed be building cultural bridges much needed in today’s world!

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